Proven Business System

Led by seasoned laboratory professionals, SAS Group has created a proven process for lab set up and management in the addiction treatment industry. Our proprietary process is one of a kind in the industry—we have dedicated ourselves to building a defined, refined and proven business system.

Superior Technology

The testing instruments used in SAS Group-built labs represent the latest state-of-the art technology. The models we use are of far higher quality and accuracy than what most other commercial labs work with. For labs with larger volume, we even have robots who do some of the heavy lifting!

Staff Knowledge & Training

When your lab opens for business, our team becomes your team. You can feel confident knowing that every member of our team has been recruited for their experience, professionalism and skill set.

Detailed Reporting

A well-run lab produces accurate and reliable reports based on test results. These reports can identify which patients are at risk and unforeseen outcomes. Our detailed, accurate reports prepared for your lab will also easily identify substances confirmed in the results that were not prescribed to the patients.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Where most other labs use equipment that is simply set to the standard manufacturer settings, the lab equipment we select and place in your lab is individually calibrated by us to ensure the highest sensitivity and most accurate results. 

Certifications and Licenses

Part of the new laboratory set-up process includes SAS Group’s assistance with the licensure and certification process in accordance with state regulations and the standards set by COLA (the Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation). COLA inspects laboratories to ensure that they meet the requirements set by CLIA (the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments).


SAS Group is your premier provider for complete laboratory management services and solutions.


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